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Boy inspires kids, kids inspire us all


Matt has Spastic CP, but opted to run in Field Day at Colonial Hills Elementary School despite being given the option to sit it out and despite the incredible challenge of his disability. What transpires is a boy who is filled with determination and a school of children who spontaneously come together and inspire Matt and everyone of us to do and be better.

Well, I certainly needed a tissue *snivels*



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Walking on Air


This video features a series of time lapse sequences photographed by the Expedition 30 crew aboard the International Space Station. Set to the song “Walking in the Air,” by Howard Blake, the video takes viewers around the world, through auroras, and over dazzling lightning displays.



Yes, the right song won!

Loreen with her song Euphoria will be the artist to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May:

Can also be found in: Spotify

The songs provided by the remaining 41 countries can be found at ESC’s official website:

I will not look at them now though, I’d rather wait for ESC to see and listen to the songs for the first time LIVE.


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Preventing Addiction by Dr Robert Lefever

Found in the keeping this real blog

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Explore the world

Here’s the official list of clips in the video


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Saturday is folk festival day

There is one flaw in particular that I have noticed in my personality. It became even more apparent today – that I have no, no patience whatsoever for nonsense. Truthfully, there isn’t much that annoys me, but people speaking nonsense or matters of futility or engaging themselves in pettiness really irritates me. Energy parasites they are! Shall I do something about this flaw in particular? No, I don’t think so. This is one flaw that I will acknowledge and appreciate, because once it sounds its alarm inside my head I will very well know when to turn my hearing off and distract myself with something more meaningful.

So there, got that one out of my system. For the time being. Now I will relax while writing this blog post.

Today an annual folk festival was kicked off here in Sweden, a song contest engaging about three million of Sweden’s nine million something inhabitants. It is the Melodifestivalen (Melody Festival) which consists of four events (one event every Saturday starting today), then on the 3rd of March there’s the competition called the Second Chance and at last the Final on the 10th of March. A total of 32 artists competing.

Today we got to see and hear eight contestants (of the 32) performing their songs. Then the viewers placed their votes by telephone by which it then was determined which two to go directly to the final and which two to go to the Second Chance.

Two winners will eventually advance from Second Chance and move on to the final. And so there will be ten finalists competing for the one spot as the Swedish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. Some 70 million people tuned in for the Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, so you might understand this indeed is a great event. If you’re curious about it you can read more about ESC here:

This cosy enough evening was spended with mum, we enjoyed a taco buffet for dinner with the music festival sounding on the telly.

Earlier today we visited a very popular flea market, one of Sweden’s largest that open it’s doors to the public three times a year. There was a few bits and pieces that I was looking for, but one of my findings was purely a bonus:

Yes… I collect elephants. But not to worry, I’m not the crazy elephant hoarder lady! (…yet) I only have a few and in fact, the last elephant that I bought was one year ago at the very same flea market. The one I purchased today costed only about 3 USD/2 EUR/20 SEK and is small enough to stand in the palm of my hand. Rather heavy though as it’s made of stone. The other elephants in my collection are made out of wood, except for a tiny one made out of glass.

I find elephants to be majestic creatures and enjoy the sense of comfort when resting my eyes on my wee collection.

Anywho, time is well past midnight but I think I’ll surf around for a bit before lying down to rest. I’ll end this post with the two artists that were voted by the Swedish people to go directly to the final:

As the videos of the two finalists had quickly been hunted down by authorities and deleted I have instead found a couple of other videos.

New video from the live performance: Loreen – Euphoria

Found a new video for the second finalist as well: Dead by April – Mystery


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Revelation upon revelation

One of the spiritual and inspirational speakers that I’ve been listening to is Bill Turner. If you’re curious you can find his free podcasts here: in iTunes

I’ve listened to all of his podcasts several times and find that much of what he says is very fascinating. Last night I searched for new spiritual and inspirational material in iTunes and remembered that Bill Turner had mentioned a Don Miguel Ruiz a couple of times. So that was the name I searched for but found someone named Gary van Warmerdam instead, his free podcasts can also be found: in iTunes

Don Miguel Ruiz is completely unknown to me (as Bill Turner was too) and I have not yet googled him, but will do so eventually and to also check out his books. After listening to Gary van Warmerdam for a while last night I came to understand that Don Miguel is Gary’s mentor. And what Gary has to say is [also] very fascinating. Listening to podcasts such as these in the evenings, basically every evning over the last three weeks, has definitely allured me onto a spiritual journey that has expanded my mind, conception and understanding.

Contemplating this journey and also talking about it with a few friends of mine has quickly become a part of me and my daily life. I can almost feel or see how this lump of an alcoholic that I am, slowly is wriggling and morphing into something new. It is with excitement, curiosity and a sense of gratification that I yield to this development.

What is being said in those podcasts is many times new to me and some of the ideas that I hear I find to be mind-blowing. And I desire to hear more… more… MORE! This is sort of life turning and my understanding for myself, my many issues and alcoholism is becoming greater than ever. I have come to believe that if I continue on this path, on this spiritual journey, there will simply be no reason for me to return to the wine bottle ever again.

I even dare to say that I think I have found a sense of purpose, something that I haven’t sensed for a very long time. Life has been utterly meaningless, which is a sad and dark place to dwell in. When in this place I wholeheartedly welcomed alcohol into my life. Another issue that became highlighted last night when listening to Gary was that feeling to never be good enough. I realised that I never ever have felt that I have been good enough. Always to impress, to satisfy others, chase for other’s approval and confirmations, achieve, haunted by constant performance and always trying so hard to be good enough.

When I visited Karin the therapist this morning we firstly began with the mindfulness exercise, which we for a short moment do at the beginning of every session. Afterwards we talked about my homework that I had done for today. This somehow had us touch the subject that I had marvelled over since last night and we began converse in a different way. It was as if we no longer were therapist and client, but two spiritual women bouncing ideas and thoughts of how us humans have become programmed to think and react, about how so many of us find ourselves living in boxes and about becoming aware and to find the means to be able to step out of the box. I mentioned to her where I had learned this new way of thinking and she eagerly noted the names that I have mentioned above.

I actually feel as if I have stumpled upon a treasure chest and am eagerly digging through its content. The more jems and jewels that I find, the more is materialised! It is like revelation upon revelation and the more I learn the more I hunger for learning even more. And the funny thing, much of what I learn I have already had inside of me. It has been there all my life, I just never was able to put words on it. I have so many times felt abnormal and alienated but right now I feel as if I have found the path that will bring me home. And I certainly do not feel abnormal any longer, a box I have discovered and am now stepping out of.

Geesh… I could write this rambling post forever and ever, but will jump over to a completely different subject instead. Conny, my cinema friend, tipped me today about a new music album that he had been listening to. The Swedish singer is named Lykke Li and I found her to be so darn good that I simply must tip you as well. Here’s one of my favourite songs from her latest album:

More of Lykke’s music videos can be found here: in YouTube

And her latest album is available here: in Spotify

And now, before it gets far too late, I shall head out on a blog walk!


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