One year sober WOO HOO!

14 Dec

And here it is, my 1 year chip:


The token that for me symbolizes that I have managed to cope with myself, to be my own friend, that I have managed to deal with everyday life – without escaping by alcohol. Not even a drop!

Going to this evening’s AA meeting was the best way ever – to celebrate my sobriety that is. My AA friends made this evening into such a warmhearted and beautiful evening and for that I am so very grateful.

Am on my way home now, and when I come home I shall be a true nerd and sew a cute perfectly matched pouch, so that I can carry the chip with me always (without loosing it). It will be mine until it is replaced with a 2 years chip ;-) Then I can forward my chip to to another marvelous and one year sober alcoholic.

And so I have reached the end of this blog, but the adventure that is my life has only begun!

For those who are curious, I am hanging about here these days: Casa del Alma

Take good care of yourselves, and lots of love to you all! xoxo


Posted by on 2012/12/14 in Alcoholism, Celebration


14 responses to “One year sober WOO HOO!

  1. cooper

    2012/12/14 at 20:40

    Look at you!!! Congratulations!!!


  2. Rhubblog Administrator

    2012/12/14 at 20:46

    Brilliant! I am happy for you.


  3. facingfactsaboutmyself

    2012/12/14 at 21:54

    Fantastic and inspiring achievement, well done! It sounds like you’re planning to stop blogging. I’d be careful, because if blogging helped you get to this milestone… It’s good to keep what works. But anyway all the best fellow geek/nerd, take care Paul.

    • Riversurfer

      2012/12/14 at 22:29

      Thank you so much for sharing good advise! I am ending the Rockdweller blog, but started a new blog in November. Last Summer I discovered a new interest that has become a great part of my life – drawing (an artform called Zentangle). This newfound interest has enrichened my life, also allowed me to join one other community (besides AA) also consisting of talanted, insightful and in fact spiritual people. By ending this blog and starting a new one, I am sort of kicking off a new chapter in my life :)

      Take care Paul!

  4. Louise Behiel

    2012/12/15 at 10:06

    Congratulations. One year is awesome.

  5. karymayhickey

    2012/12/17 at 15:15

    I am so dang sorry I didn’t get on here sooner to wish you the very, very best on your 1 Year! It is freaking awesome and you are the “cat’s ass” (That’s an American saying meaning, “top of the line” “far-out!” “Superb!” You get my drift.)

    You really are, you know.

    • Riversurfer

      2012/12/17 at 22:08

      Thank you so much for this oh so heartwarming comment! Hahaa and for teaching me a new phrase, never heard that one before “cat’s ass”. It really has been a great year and I will do my damndest to make 2013 a great year too.

      Take care my friend *hugs*

  6. Number 9

    2013/01/06 at 02:29

    so happy to find your blog. congratulations on your one year! my profile is my business blog but my personal blog is hence the follow. i look forward to reading more of your writings.

  7. Mr. SponsorPants

    2013/04/04 at 06:09

    Congratulations on a year! And, as I type this… 15+ months!

    • Riversurfer

      2013/04/06 at 20:59

      Thank you so much mr Sponsorpants! Your comment made me very happy, and yes – proudly I can tell that now on the 13th of April I celebrate 16 months of sobriety.

      I drop by my blog every once in a while, I think I will return on my 18 months celebration to write an update. Perhaps I’ll resume my blogging here again one day, sometimes I miss it.

      I hope you enjoy your weekend, take care!

  8. George Carman

    2013/06/01 at 13:58

    Only just found your site. Well done you to make year one. It definitely becomes easier as time goes on. I recall reaching one year, and it was probably the last major landmark psychologically. I’m 13 years dry now, and never, ever regret it, and certainly don’t miss it. Would like this comment to be a message of hope to any sufferer whose trying to quit.
    I’ve just started my own site It’s not as good as yours and the traffic is very poor, but take a look if you get chance.


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