30 days of gratitude: Day 19

19 Nov

Today I am grateful for…

…drawing. I have caught some virus that did’nt make me so ill that I could not go to work. But I went and what got me through the day was alternating work with drawing.

…being sober. Whatever it is that I have caught it made me feel hungover from the moment that I woke up. It was a terrible feeling that also made me feel down. I was lightheaded, frozen, a little nauseous and had a throbbing headache. A sore throat on top of that and I could’nt think clearly. Though I was more than happy reminding myself that this body and mind has been unaffected by alcohol for nearly a year. Bliss :)

…having a warm home and dinner awaiting. I could’nt get home quickly enough after work, my body was aching and all I wanted to do was to stretch out in bed. When I came home I discovered mom had cooked kalops, a traditional Swedish beef stew, with onions and carrots, served with potatoes and pickled beets. Pure luxury I say, and it tasted absolutely marvelous!

icosahedron. A Zentangle artist shared a brilliant piece of art that she had created and I found out that what she had tangled is called a icosahedron. This is her Zentangle:


Naturally I wanted to do one of my own and that is what I have been doing today. Ought to be done some time tomorrow.

…the thought of returning home this weekend. There is a chance that the renovation STILL wont be done by the weekend, but I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

30 Days of Gratitude… Are You In?

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