30 days of gratitude: Day 17

17 Nov

Today I am grateful for…

…having time for drawing. I began my day early, by sewing three sets of curtains. Once done I claimed the rest of the Saturday all to myself. Which I spended drawing. It was quite a while ago since I could draw for hours. Time is little over 10 pm and I had to quit because my hand was aching. I was’nt so pleased with the crooked lines that I drew (being out of routine), though still very pleased as I at last could get into my drawing and am well on my way.

…dinner cooking with mum. Perhaps we should spend Sundays (or every other Sunday) together cooking dinner after I have moved back home, it was fun and despite all it is nice spending time with mum every once in a while.

…new curtains. My new curtains look absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to return home and get them up, see what they look like while decorating my huge windows.

…this tranquil day, so relaxing that I even had a nap after dinner.

…learning something new. Thankfully I learn something new basically everyday. Today while drawing I was listening to a documentary about the author Paulo Coelho, and he mentioned Shibumi (which I had never heard of before). So today I learned about the very curious and interesting art of Shibumi, which is simplicity hiding complexity. It is the essence of beauty, or elegance in its minimal form.

30 Days of Gratitude… Are You In?

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One response to “30 days of gratitude: Day 17

  1. Louise Behiel

    2012/11/17 at 23:10

    another post that makes me smile. thanks for the good vibes


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