30 days of gratitude: Day 15

15 Nov

Today I am grateful for…

…being one step closer to Friday, to two days of no alarm clock tearing me away from deep wonderful sleep. And one step closer to moving back home. I decided not to rush my moving and will return home next weekend instead. Informed work that I will take one week of vacation, on the 26th to the 30th of November instead. Oh it will be a wonderful week, getting my apartment in order and regain privacy.

…feel good movies. Off to the cinema we went to see the Intouchables movie. French movie at its best! My goodness, it is not often movies make me laugh, but this one had me laughing a lot, smiling most of the time and a couple of times there was tears flowing. I fell in love in both actors; François Cluzet (playing Philippe) and Omar Sy (playing Driss). When I left the cinema it felt as if having one’s heart massaged! This movie reminded me; to live life, dare take chances, don’t take matters too seriously, love and LAUGH! I want to see it again :-)

…my wonderful friend Maud. She made this evening a brilliant one. She too loved the film and will most likely see it soon again, because she wants her husband to see it as well (she knows he will love it).

…reminders to be thankful and have an attitude of gratitude.

…sleep. For a few years I suffered from insomnia. It was at its worst last year, when I for almost a full year slept an average of three hours per night. I could not believe that I could ever turn my life around… but here I am, with life turned around. And I bet that within the next half an hour, I will be sleeping soundly.

Nightey nite folks, sweet dreams ❤

30 Days of Gratitude… Are You In?

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