30 days of gratitude: Day 14

14 Nov

Today I am grateful for…

…gyros pizza at Piccolo Angelo. As far as I know, there is only one pizzeria that makes the delicious gyros pizza. In the entire of Stockholm! And gyros pizza was precisely what I had for dinner today. Yum!

…comfort among co-workers. It is currently quite stressful at work, because several co-workers are either home sick or are on vacation. But when the going gets tough, we ventilate among one another and devote ourselves to the only cure: joking and laughing. Everything seems so much easier after a good laugh.

…second-hand. I found mum’s Christmas gift at Blocket. In this very popular Swedish website everybody sells anything! I got in touch with the seller listed in the advert and tomorrow I will buy a basically new iPhone 4S, half the price compared to retail price. At last she can dump the old iPhone 3GS that she got from me, when I myself got a iPhone 4S.

…smiles. Today my mind captured two beautiful images. These still vividly linger in memory, making me smile. One is; when I left the office and when walking to the train station – I passed a young woman, walking from the opposite direction. On her own and for no apparent reason she was smiling. It was something about her posture, her looking down at the pavement, hiding the smile that would’nt leave her face. The entire her was smiling! Making her glow and looking so beautiful.

The second image; while sitting on the train an elderly man sat opposite me. He had unruly white hair, big headphones covering his ears, his eyes were closed and he was smiling. I could not help but smiled too when I watched him. He looked so peaceful, so relaxed. He was handsomly dressed, though when I eyed his green manchester trousers I could see they had been sewn in several places. And I thought – these must be his absolutely favourite trousers. He seemed to be fully enjoying whatever was played in his headphones, him too glowing and looking so beautiful. Their smiles still makes me smile.

…dessert. This evening I enjoyed a fluffy, not too sweet and good mango and passion fruit mousse. Yum yum!

30 Days of Gratitude… Are You In?

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