Beeches dancing in the wind

16 Oct

On the bus to work this morning, rather than surfing about on the net, I decided to listen to an audiobook. After a short while I realised that I am listening to a voice, but I was’nt hearing what he was telling. Either the book was dull, or the voice was’nt interesting enough or I simply could’nt concentrate. I turned off the audiobook and started Spotify instead, remembered the playlist of classical music that I had created a long time ago. A moment later Schumann on piano was sounding in my ears, it was soft and delightful music that did not annoy me as the narrator in the audiobook had. Suddenly I noticed how tensed up I was! As the piano music flowed my muscles relaxed and I wondered for how long I had been this tensed up.

Some time later I stepped off the bus and stood by a bus stop to await the next bus. And this is when I had “a moment”. The music in my headphones muffled the heavy traffic passing right before me on a big road, on the other side I saw young beech trees with their bright yellow autumn leaves. It was quite windy and the trees were swaying in the wind, it almost looked like they were slender ballerinas dancing to the piano music that I was listening to.

This moment was so beautiful and serene that tears welled up in my eyes. I had been lost in this moment and neglected to notice that the bus was standing in front of me, doors were open and the bus driver looked at me with eyes asking “Are you getting on or not?” I giggled and felt a bit silly, stepped on the bus and felt so soft and bright within.

Once I arrived to work I was in a cheerful mood and thought that I could’nt have enjoyed a better start of this day.

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Posted by on 2012/10/16 in Everyday life, Good stuff


11 responses to “Beeches dancing in the wind

  1. Rhubblog Administrator

    2012/10/16 at 09:14

    Beautiful and humorous.


  2. Resilient Heart

    2012/10/16 at 11:47

    What a beautiful experience and imagery, so delighted for you. :)

    • Riversurfer

      2012/10/16 at 16:06

      Thanks RH!

      • Resilient Heart

        2012/10/17 at 18:09

        You are so very welcome, thank you for sharing this with us! I just love these moments where all our senses feel keenly alive, ah, pure joy! :)

      • Riversurfer

        2012/10/17 at 19:44

        Indeed, pure joy! Take care dear RH!

      • Resilient Heart

        2012/10/18 at 18:23


  3. sherryd32148

    2012/10/16 at 20:26

    Wow. That’s all just…wow.

  4. Louise Behiel

    2012/10/18 at 02:17


    • Riversurfer

      2012/10/18 at 05:48

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the later post that I wrote, I shall read your comment again once my brain has properly awakened :) I decided to make the post private as I now thought it was’nt fair to write like that… But it is my truth and it felt damn good to get it off my chest.

      Enjoy a lovely week Louise *hugs*


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