Oh hai blog!

I just dropped by to let you know all is well and to mention that, obviously, I’m not an active blogger any longer but have instead become active on Instagram. If you’re curious and care to visit, you’ll find me here:

I am sober, sobriety still rules and I hope it forever will. I have this little app in my iPhone telling me I have only 45 days left until my three years of sobriety!


Every day I remain sober is a gift for which I am eternally grateful ♥

Wishing you all the best, lots of love!


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Planning my vacation

Life trudge on in a leisurely pace and I am on the last workweek before my four weeks of vacation. It’s very warm in Stockholm, but I wont complain! Yes, it’s too warm for my liking but I’d rather have this sort of weather which spoils me with an abundance of sunshine, rather than Winter. Though, my favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn during which there still is lots of beautiful weather but with cooler air. But who’s complaining!

My brain is tormenting me as it’s taking out the vacation in advance. Getting up early in the mornings is pure pain. As the alarm clock rings at 4:45 am one part of my brain yells WHYYYY?! I’m on vacation!! As the other more sensible part makes sure that I get out of bed and get to work. Three more days, then no more alarm clocks for a while thank you very much.

I have had absolutely nothing planned for this vacation, but left it open for impulsiveness. Though, last Thursday Monica texted me asking if I wanted to tag along for a trip to Helsinki, the capitol of Finland. As the day for departure is on Sunday this week I wasn’t sure if I was going to have any energy to go anywhere at all… I must add that I have been working the early shift for three weeks in a row now, and it does take its toll on me. I had even played with the thought of spending the first week of vacation entirely on my own (ooooh the luxury). I was just about to answer Monica with a kind and loving “no thank you” when she phoned me and asked if I had received her text. She then told me more about the trip and as I actually never have visited Finland I became interested and by the end of our conversation I had decided that Yes! I’ll go.

I’m really looking forward to our trip on Sunday, it will be fun yet a short one as we will be back on Tuesday next week. Monica suggested that I google Helsinki to see what places I wanted to visit once we’re there, and boy did I find places hehee I printed out a map, so that we can find our way easily (thank goodness for Google Maps):


The green arrow points out where we “land” in Helsinki.

This sort of kickstarted my vacation planning and I’m pleased to see that there are quite a bit of activities that I want to do. As I’m not travelling anywhere abroad really (except for that mini vacation in Finland) I thought I’d do trips to cities I’ve never visited before. I think I had the same idea last year, but I plan to venture a little further away this year. As I don’t have a drivers license I want to be able to travel by bus or train. I looked at a map over the Svealand region of Sweden, to which Stockholm belongs, and decided for Örebro as the destination for my second trip on the 7th of August, you can read more about Örebro: here

Naturally I googled tourist attractions for Örebro as well and made a map. I will have six hours to go through these spots:


And I do have more in store. As there will be a festival opening soon in Stockholm I will engage in various activities there too, lots of walks! A zombie walk (hundreds of folks made up as zombies walking through Stockholm), a ghost tour through Old Town, and various other very interesting walks arranged by different associations. But I have spread out these and other activities evenly though August with plenty of time for rest, creativity and alone time in between.

I have bought a backup battery for my iPhone 5S so I hope to be taking lots of photos. Hopefully I’ll prepare these photos and upload them to my Flickr ablum. I haven’t been very good regarding photos, still haven’t uploaded the photos from my Gotland trip in May.

So there, that’s it for now. Over and out :)


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15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

I have copied the list below directly from

Oh, and the things that I struggle with are number 2, not allowing others to bring me down. And 5, trying not to loose faith in myself and number 8.

1. They Don’t Beg For Attention
Needing attention is directly linked to emotion. Those who feel the need for recognition only find themselves experiencing feelings of worth when others make them feel needed; it’s as if these people are uncertain of their value, or if they have any ounce of self-worth. Feeling unsure of your worth is a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you don’t know you matter, then no one will ever believe you do.

2. They Don’t Allow Others To Bring Them Down
Emotional strength requires resilience. This world is filled with haters and trolls. There are jealous eyes lurking around every corner. The unfortunate truth is that often the people who hold us back the most are those closest to us. Getting rid of these people is often the best solution, but also the most difficult. If you can quietly remove these people from your life, that’s one fewer bridge burned and much less of an emotional trigger.

3. They Don’t Hold Grudges
If you’re holding a grudge, then you already care more about a situation than you should. If a person apologizes genuinely, forgive him or her. If this person doesn’t apologize, then don’t interact with him or her, but don’t hold grudges. People with whom you seek to alienate and hold grudges against take up too much of your mental energy, doing more harm than good.

4. They Never Stop Doing Their Own Thing
Emotionally strong individuals do what they do because they love doing it. They don’t plan on slowing down or stopping for anyone who deems their happiness inappropriate.

5. They Never Stop Believing In Themselves
Those who love themselves and understand themselves — those who aren’t afraid or proud to be themselves — never doubt themselves. You amount to your own self-worth, not a shilling more.

6. They Don’t Act Like Bitches Or Assh*les
People are mean. But we wonder, why? Being a jerk is only good as an intimidation factor, and if you’re trying to intimidate people, then you better be a negotiator by profession; if you’re intimidating just for the sake of it, you’re obviously overcompensating for a lack of confidence. Do you also drive a very large automobile, perhaps? I hear they make pills for that.

7. They Know Better Than To Let Just Anyone Into Their Lives
The emotionally strong are emotionally strong for a reason: They don’t expose themselves to people who break down their defenses and crush their morale. Most people in the world are lost and will be more than happy to take you along with them. Don’t let an awful acquaintance ruin your happiness.

8. They Aren’t Afraid To Love
If you’re afraid to love, you don’t have enough confidence in yourself. You obviously think you can’t be in a lasting relationship, but only in one that is doomed for disaster. You don’t want to get hurt again because getting hurt really sucks. There is no reason for you to get your heart broken again because you are awesome. If things don’t work out, it’s not you. It’s the two of you together. Unless, of course, you are an awful human being; in that case, it is you.

9. They Don’t Lie In Bed Dreading The Day Ahead Of Them
The best part of your day should be the moment you wake up and realize you’re still alive. We take life for granted too regularly.

10. They’re Not Afraid Of Slowing Down
Emotionally strong people aren’t in need of constant action and excitement. They don’t need to run around all day and keep moving in order to avoid their demons. They appreciate a slow moment because it brings them closer to what it feels like to do nothing but living, breathing. This is not to say that they don’t enjoy excitement in their lives, but they aren’t junkies and are more than happy to just go for a walk and smell the roses.

11. They Don’t Do Things They Don’t Want To Do
We all do things that we don’t love to do, but we should never do things that we don’t want to do. The emotionally strong understand that and almost always manage to figure out a way to focus on what they love, which allows them to figure out what they need to do, in order to do what they love. Although they may not love every second of it, they like doing what they are doing because it’s bringing them one step closer to what they would love to do.

12. They Have No Problem Saying “No”
If you can’t say “no,” you will get abused. You’ll be considered a pushover and no one will ever ask you for your opinion or take it seriously when you give it. Saying “no” reminds people that they don’t have control over you.

13. They Don’t “Forget” To Give Back
We’re not too busy or too poor to donate our money and/or time. We don’t forget, either. Some people just choose to ignore our responsibilities as human beings. The stronger you are emotionally, the more you come to appreciate others and life itself. You give life more worth and you begin to empathize with those who were dealt a bad hand.

14. They Don’t Feel The Need To Fit In
The stronger you are emotionally, the more independent you become. You don’t feel the need to fit in because you fit in where it matters: the world. People form smaller social groups that are often skewed and unhealthy. Wanting to fit in doesn’t say much more than “I’m afraid to be myself.”

15. They Don’t Forget That Happiness Is A Decision
Most importantly, the emotionally strong have learned to understand the power their brains have over both the mind and body. They understand that emotions are reactions, not reactions to direct physical causes, but to the way we perceive those causes. In other words, our emotions don’t reflect reality; rather, our emotions reflect the way we interpret reality. Understanding this gives us near-full control of our emotions and, therefore, our lives.


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Accidental healthiness

It seems I’ve landed in a blissful flow, where I’ve kept myself busy with all sorts of tasks. While being busy I somehow automatically fell into a healthy diet in which I don’t consume any lactose, gluten or sugar. Well, I have’nt refrained from sugar entirely. All three are no good for me, I’m well aware of that, just like I know alcohol is’nt any good either. But still foods bursting with carbohydrates are irresistable and I keep indulging in such, bah.

So I’m currently active, creative, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and feeling overall flourishing. My colleague and I spoke about this healthy living today, she’s much like me in her way of eating – the off and on type. And I wondered how long this accidental healthiness will last, before I for some reason revert to that old alcoholic way of eating. Eating not for nutrition, but to stimulate the pleasure center in my brain. I wish and hope and will try my best to keep this up, because I really like this way of living. But only hours ago, I heard an Burger King advert on the radio, about some grilled steak burger and that sure had my brain going! I have this darn habit of making Friday and Saturday special, which means cooking something sinful and then enjoying candies after that delicious supper. I’ve managed to not “celebrate” weekend the last two weeks, but all of the sudden I was planning to eat hamburger… mmmm grilled juicy beef, cheese and bacon burgers :)) And I tell myself that I deserve a sinful dinner, I’ve been good for two weeks now dammit!

And that’s what annoys me, that I’m keeping track on how long I’m being good. I don’t want to count days, I just want this to be my natural every day healthy way of living.

So no, I wont do it. No burger for me, thank you very much. I think that giving in just once – that’s what kicks me right back to old ways of eating. I’m amazed that I have’nt bought any candy either, for what feels like aaaages! And I’ll do my darndest not to buy any on Friday.


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Sweet little Angelina with her fantastic singing

She’s only 7 years old, but what a voice! This is Angelina Jordan and she’s singing “Fly Me To The Moon,” one of my favorite songs of all time. Absolutely heavenly!

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A creative Sunday

Yesterday was a gorgeous Summer day, perfect for a couple of outings. Today we’re having a grey and dull day which is absolutely perfect for staying at home being creative.

Here are a few favourites from yesterday’s bargain hunt:




This next item is some sort of a ring, I thought it might fit around the neck of a bottle, and rightly so – it did! A little something to use in the future when altering a bottle:


I also found this:


To hang here:


Then I got this cool mask:


And hid it there:


Lastly, what I’ve been pottering with today. For quite a while now, I had been looking for a round neat little table for the balcony. But have been unsuccessful. Yesterday at the flea market I spotted a big (and darn heavy) candle holder made of iron ware:


I had a chat with the elderly couple at the booth selling this thing and told them I could imagine using it for a table. All I needed was a round flat object to top it… Just before I finished that sentence I spotted a wooden tray that they had standing under their table:


I grabbed it, put it on the candle holder and went “tadaaa!” The man exclaimed: “Only a woman can come up with such ideas!” hahaa They both found it to be a brilliant idea and I actually got the wooden tray for free :))

This is what I made of it:





Time is now 2 pm and I’m hungry! I’ve been up since around 5:30 am and have been pottering and never got around to eat. But I’ve been cooking whilst waiting for the paint to dry on that table, so now it’s time to eat!


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Flea markets

I visit flea markets primarily as outings, a reason to travel to somewhere in or around Stockholm county – preferably somewhere I’ve never been before. It’s a very cheap way of getting out and about, I travel with my prepaid monthly travel card which allows me to travel by bus, commuter train or tram as often as I please for a fixed price. Perhaps flea markets have replaced my photo walks this year, and focus has changed from photography to curiously looking at all the stuff that people sell at these fairs. I most often pay no more than 5 to 20 SEK för something at a flea market (up tp 2  EUR or 3 USD), at rare occations I might pay a wee bit more. Like these two bottles I recently found:


(the wooden box behind the bottles is also a finding hehee)

I paid 30 SEK each for these bottles, I understand it’s difficult to estimate their size by the photos but I must add that those are rather large bottles. Most of my bargains are all about my hobbies. These two bottles I plan to alter, using clay, acrylic paint and other media.

I’m always keeping my eyes open for boxes, I love altering wooden boxes or tins. Here are a few recent purchases:



A while back I altered a wooden box that originally looked like the light brown boxes here above. I experimented with using clear embossing powder on the lid and acrylic paint on the sides:



All embellishments that I use when altering things are flea markets bargains. The skull would have costed me quite a lot, bought new in a shop, instead I paid 10 SEK for it. I have a box, now nearly full with of brooches and other trinkets, all bargains:



I really like this brooch that I got at the Muskö fair:


My only fear when buying these old cheap jewelries is that I will accidently buy an antique thing worth a fortune and I will sit there at home with my wire cutters, cutting away the pins and holders and so *grin* Oh and I have to tell, that ironically I never actually wear any jewelry, it just isn’t me.

My current project is the bottle at the top of this post, I have bought clay which is a media that I have never worked with before. It’s exciting trying out new methods and I take help and inspiration from images at Pinterest. I’m curious to see what I can make with that bottle, it’s flat so I suppose it will be a little easier to work with.

Otherwise I do keep my eyes open for all sorts of stuff when I visit the flea markets, for instance I want a round little table for my balcony or I need a new box to store any new trinkets that I buy. But I have to tell that I’m very careful with what I choose to buy as I certainly do not want to turn into a hoarder hahaa I only buy such that I really need or want for my hobbies.

I am usually not much for talking to strangers, but when I’m at these flea markets, I have noticed that I’m opening up more and more. People are in brilliant moods and being talkative, I might ask them about some of the stuff that sits on the table at their booth and sometimes I mention what I plan to do with the thing that I buy from them. They most often react with surprise and they say that it had never occured to them that they could alter a certain thing. It’s an awesome feeling to share what is on my mind and people respond with interest and even ideas of their own. Once I even had a seller taking back a thing I was going to buy, because she suddenly realised what she could do with it hahaa

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